IBI...(P) Individual Foil,COAXIAL CABLE 50 OHMS,
Flexible cables normally used for the wiring of burglar alarms or security,Simplex, PVC jacket,

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Product Description UL subject 13 type CL2, CL3
NEC articles 725-38 (b) (1)
105°C, 300, 600 Volt
Conductor Fine stranded concentric bare copper
Insulation 105°C PVC optional PE, XLPE, PP
Jacket Black sunlight resistant PVC
Application For process control and instrumentation. Passes UL type
CL2, CL3 vertical tray flame test. Installed in cable trays, raceways, conduit or aerial. UL File No.: E125840 , CSA File No.: LL80602.
( UL type CL2 , CL3 and CSA type AWM FT4 Listed )

Part No Description Brochure
IM035xx 22 AWG, 0.35 sqmm. DCR 55.4 ohm/km
IM050xx 20 AWG, 0.50 sqmm. DCR 34.4 ohm/km
IM075xx 18 AWG, 0.75 sqmm. DCR 21.9 ohm/km
IM100xx 17 AWG, 1.00 sqmm. DCR 17.4 ohm/km
IM125xx 16 AWG, 1.25 sqmm. DCR 13.7 ohm/km
IM150xx 15 AWG, 1.50 sqmm. DCR 10.8 ohm/km
IM250xx 13 AWG, 2.50 sqmm. DCR 6.82 ohm/km