DB25 Male  Centronic 36 Male L 6 ft/ 1.8,Foiled shield and at least 85% copper braided soldered 360 degrees to the connector shell,
19 Inches Rack ( 600 x 800 mm),Industrial Data Transmission Cable,
Fiber Accessory,CF...Series Multicore Overall Foiled,
50 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,Category 6 UTP Cables,
ED  Telephone Electronic Duct (GREY),Computer Cable > Thinnet, Thicknet Cable,
Copper Tape over insulation 100% coverage,Network Products > Rack,

Coaxial Cable › Coaxial Cable 50 OHMS
24 AWG, DCR 90.9 ohm/km Multipairs,Bonded foil, 90% braid, PVC jacket with Messenger , 14 AWG, 1C, 1/1.63 mm.,

Coaxial Cable 50 OHMS RG Type Coaxial Cable
Aramid yarn, PVC or LSZH Jacket. 24-72 fibers,Product Description UL subject 13 type CL2, CL3,

Connecting electronic and telecommunications equipment; Connecting measuring instruments; Computer data communication.

Part No Description Brochure
F-RG-58/U Gas Injection Foam PE , 100% Al Foil , 95% BC Braid , 1/0.80mm , PVC jacket Microphone Cable,Computer Cable > CM...Series Multipairs Foil Shielded,
F-RG-58/U-D Gas Injection Foam PE , 100% Al Foil , 90% BC Braid , 7/0.912mm , Double jacket Computer Cable > Industrial Bus Cable 150 Ohms,6 Cores: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White,
F-RG-58A/U Gas Injection Foam PE , 100% Al Foil , 90% TC Braid , 19/0.18mm , PVC jacket Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC jacket available,IEEE1394 Non Plenum NEC CL2 PCC FT1,
RG-8A/U PE , 100% Al foil, 90% TC Braid , 7/0.724 mm. PVC jacket Building Cable > Building and Audio,BNC For RG6 & 5C-2V  Plug Crimp Type,
RG-174/U PE , 100% Al Foil , 90% TC Braid , 7/0.16mm , PVC jacket CMI...Series CMIMultipairs Individual and overall Foiled Shield,19 Inches Open Rack 27U,
RG-62/U Semi Solid PE 100% Al Foil , 90% BC Braid ,1/0.643mm PVC jacket CMBI...Series Multipairs Individual and Foiled Copper Braid Shield,IFI...(P) Individual Foil,
19 Inches Wall Mount Bracket Mini Rack,TOOLS, FIRE ALARM,USB Type A/B L 1M, 2M, 3M, 5M., YD/T 1258.4-2005, ICEA-596, GR-409, IEC 794,HDB15 M  HDB15 F, RGB 3+4. Cable,

MTRJ Multimode Adapter,CMB...Series Multipairs Foiled and Copper Braid Shield,
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