Stripper Tools RG 58, 59, 62, 6, 3C,Computer Cable > Thinnet, Thicknet Cable,
Fiber type could be single mode and multimode also simplex and duplex,Fiber Indoor Cable,
Conductor Fine stranded concentric bare copper,Low capacitance, twisted pairs with individual foiled shield overall foiled and tinned copper braid shield,
CMBI...Series Multipairs Individual and Foiled Copper Braid Shield,Max. Voltage: 300 V RMS,
The fibers, 250?m, are positioned in a loose tube made of a high modulus plastic,DB26 Male,
Temp.Rating: -20 TO +75 OC,Twinax Inline Coupler Jack to Jack,

Network Products › Accessories
Coaxial Cable > Tools,ACCESSORIES,
› D-SUB Connector › D-SUB Adaptor › D-SUB Gender Changer
› Twinax Connectors › N Type Connectors › Twinax & Coaxial Balun

Accessories D-SUB Connector
Fiber Rack Mount 24 Ports,D-SUB Gender Changer,
Coaxial Balun BNC RG62 – RJ45,75 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1029 DB9 Male Black sunlight resistant PVC,CABLE ASSEMBLIES,
KP-CN-1030 DB9 Female
KP-CN-1031 DB9 Cover Plastic Telco Cables 25 Pairs,Electronic Equipment Applications,
KP-CN-1031MSN DB9 Cover A short length of single-fiber tight-buffered cable,12U Wall mount rack 19 600 x 400 x 620 mm.,
KP-CN-1032 DB15 Male STRUCTURED CABLING SYSTEM,Usually a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system uses a stand-mounted or hand-held video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television (TV) screen,
KP-CN-1033 DB15 Female HDB15 Female (5+5+5),Fiber Rack Mount 12 Ports,
KP-CN-1034 DB15 Cover Plastic IEEE 1394 Cable,IEEE1394 Non Plenum NEC CL2 PCC FT1,
KP-CN-1034MS DB15 Cover Computer Cable > Industrial Bus Cable 120 Ohms,1.8 M. DB25 M/ CEN 36 M A/B,
KP-CN-1035 HDB15 Male (5+5+5) LC Pigtail,IB... Multiconductors,
KP-CN-1036 HDB15 Female (5+5+5) Example : 06 means OM1 62.5/125?m,6 Cores: Red, Blue, Yellow, Black, Green, White,
KP-CN-1037 DB25 Male IF... Multiconductors,Application,
KP-CN-1038 DB25 Female Computer Cable > CB...Series Multicore Overall Foilbraided,Twinax Cable P/N7362211,
KP-CN-1039 DB25 Cover Plastic Cable Assemblies > IEEE 1284 Cable,Twinaxial,
KP-CN-1039MS DB25 Cover Sheath: PVC (PolyvinylChloride),IB...(P) Multipairs,
KP-CN-1040 DB37 Male WITH SHIELD FOIL,N Type Connectors,
KP-CN-1041 DB37 Female CB...Series Multicore Overall Foilbraided,Computer Cable > IEDC...Series UL 2919 Low cap. Cable,
KP-CN-1042 DB37 Cover Plastic PE Insulation, Color,Network Products > Computer Cable,
KP-CN-1043 DB50 Male Computer Cable > CMI...Series CMIMultipairs Individual and overall Foiled Shield,Twinax Connectors,
KP-CN-1044 DB50 Female CATV / MATV Cable,FC Multimode Adapter,
KP-CN-1046 Telco 50 Male Copper Tape over insulation 100% coverage,Singlemode 1000M Copper to Fiber Media Converter,
KP-CN-1047 Telco 50 Female BUILDING CABLE,HDB15 M – HDB15 F, RGB 3+4. Cable,
KP-CN-1048 DB26 Male UNSHIELD,BNC For RG174 – Plug Crimp Type,
KP-CN-1049 DB26 Female IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire),IPS... Multiconductors with Steel wire Braided Double sheath,

Accessories D-SUB Adaptor

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-1001 Adaptor DB25 Male – RJ45 Female High Performance Serial Bus is a new IEEE bus interface standard for portable and desktop computing environments,PVC or LSZH Jacket,
KP-AD-1002 Adaptor DB25 Female – RJ45 Female Fiber Optic Connector,Copper brading shield 90%,
KP-AD-1003 Adaptor DB9 Male – RJ45 Female
KP-AD-1004 Adaptor DB9 Female – RJ45 Female Multimode 10/100M Copper to Fiber Media Converter,AC Power Cord,
KP-AD-1005 Adaptor DB25 Male – DB9 Female 22 AWG (0.35,N Clamp Type Connector (Male) for RG8/Thicknet,
KP-AD-1006 Adaptor DB25 Female – DB9 Male
KP-AD-1050 Keyboard Adaptor DIN5 Female – MINIDIN 6 Male Twinax & Coaxial Balun,With Shield Foil + Braid > IB... Multiconductors,

Accessories D-SUB Gender Changer

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-1007M DB9 Male – Male Tinned Copper Braided minimum at 85%,COMPUTER CABLE,
KP-AD-1007F DB9 Female – Female 22 AWG, 12C , 7/0.26mm , DCR 57.4 ohm/km,PVC Jacket color black,
KP-AD-1008M DB25 Male – Male COMPUTER CABLE,CF...Series Multicore Overall Foiled,
KP-AD-1008F DB25 Female – Female 19 Inches Rack ( 600 x 800 mm),FIRE ALARM,
KP-AD-1009M HDB15 Male – Male
KP-AD-1009F HDB15 Female – Female

Accessories Twinax Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1101 Twinax Connector Male Jacket: PVC Grey Jacket,CONTROL CABLE,
KP-CN-1102 Twinax Connector Female Computer Cable > RGB (Multimedia Cable),Tight buffer 62.5/125 OM1 fiber, PVC Jacket,
KP-CN-1103 Twinax Inline Coupler Jack to Jack Cotton filler to protect handling noise,Temp.Rating: -20 TO +75 OC,

Accessories N Type Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1201 N Clamp Type Connector (Male) for RG8/Thicknet Computer Cable > Industrial Data Transmission Cable,Security / Alarm Cables > General purpose low voltage circuit wiring,
KP-CN-1202 N Double Female Inline Coupler 75 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,22 AWG, 0.35 sqmm. DCR 55.4 ohm/km,
KP-CN-1203 N Terminator 50 Ohms JIS Coaxial Cable,IEEE 1284 Cable > Standard Cable Assemblies,

Accessories Twinax & Coaxial Balun

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-IA Coaxial Balun BNC RG62 – RJ45 D-SUB Connector,Twinax Connectors,
KP-AD-IC Twinax Balun Twinax Male – RJ45 อุปกรณ์ตามมาตรฐาน 19 นิ้ว,N Clamp Type Connector (Male) for RG8/Thicknet,

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