2P 22  14AWG / Foil,CB...Series Multicore Overall Foilbraided,
Twisted Pairs No Shield,NETWORK PRODUCTS,
FC Multimode Adapter,50 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,
NEC articles 725-38 (b) (1),DB25 Male  Centronic 36 Male L 10 M.,
Industrial Data Transmission Cable,MTRJ Multimode Adapter,

Network Products › Accessories
Enhanced Cat.5 Cable,one of IEEE printer port standard called Enhanced Paralel Port (EPP),
› D-SUB Connector › D-SUB Adaptor › D-SUB Gender Changer
› Twinax Connectors › N Type Connectors › Twinax & Coaxial Balun

Accessories D-SUB Connector
Twinax Cable P/N7362211,the correct coaxial cable that meets the specifications for CCTV transmission,
Network Products > Computer Cable,Voltage 30V/60C,

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1029 DB9 Male Bonded foil, 60% braid, PVC jacket , 18 AWG, 1C , 1/1.024 mm,Conductor: 24 and 22 AWG stranded copper conductor,
KP-CN-1030 DB9 Female
KP-CN-1031 DB9 Cover Plastic TOOLS,Black sunlight resistant PVC,
KP-CN-1031MSN DB9 Cover Computer Cable > CF...Series Multicore Overall Foiled,1 Pair x 1.50 Sq.mm,
KP-CN-1032 DB15 Male Temperature Rating: -10?C to +70?C,ACCESSORIES,
KP-CN-1033 DB15 Female 05 means OM2 50/125?m,16 AWG,1.25 sqmm. DCR 13.7 Ohm/km Multipairs,
KP-CN-1034 DB15 Cover Plastic N Type Connectors,UNSHIELD,
KP-CN-1034MS DB15 Cover Industrial Bus Cable 120 Ohms,DB25 Male  Male,
KP-CN-1035 HDB15 Male (5+5+5) IF... Multiconductors,WITH SHIELD FOIL + BRAID,
KP-CN-1036 HDB15 Female (5+5+5) PVC Jacket color black,Tinned copper braid shield 85% coverage,
KP-CN-1037 DB25 Male IEEE 1394 (Fire Wire),USB 1.1, USB 2.0,
KP-CN-1038 DB25 Female 1.8 M. DB25 M/ CEN 36 M A/B,Ẻǹѧ١͡ẺҨҡçҧçöѺ˹ѡ֧ 60 š,
KP-CN-1039 DB25 Cover Plastic CMI...Series CMIMultipairs Individual and overall Foiled Shield,YD/T 1258.4-2005, ICEA-596, GR-409, IEC 794,
KP-CN-1039MS DB25 Cover Twinaxial,Coaxial Cable 50 OHMS > RG  Type Coaxial Cable,
KP-CN-1040 DB37 Male Fiber Outdoor Cable,Cat.6e UTP Patch Cord,
KP-CN-1041 DB37 Female Network Products > Cable Assemblies,DB25 Male  Centronic 36 Male L 6 ft/ 1.8,
KP-CN-1042 DB37 Cover Plastic 19 Inches Open Rack 27U,Computer Cable > Industrial Bus Cable 120 Ohms,
KP-CN-1043 DB50 Male 75 Ohm Gas Injection Foamed PE Series,Simplex, PVC jacket,
KP-CN-1044 DB50 Female Jacket Black sunlight resistant PVC,Cotton filler to protect handling noise,
KP-CN-1046 Telco 50 Male Jacket PVC grey color,IEEE 1394 Cable,
KP-CN-1047 Telco 50 Female Coaxial Cable > Coaxial Cable 75 OHMS,Computer Cable > CMBI...Series Multipairs Individual & Foiled Copper Braid Shield,
KP-CN-1048 DB26 Male USB Type A/B,PE Insulation, Color,
KP-CN-1049 DB26 Female Stripper Tools For Fiber Optic Cable,Transceiver Cable, IEEE1394,

Accessories D-SUB Adaptor

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-1001 Adaptor DB25 Male RJ45 Female 12U Wall mount rack 19 600 x 400 x 620 mm.,22 AWG (0.35 Sq.mm.),
KP-AD-1002 Adaptor DB25 Female RJ45 Female IB... Multiconductors,ػóҵðҹ 19 ,
KP-AD-1003 Adaptor DB9 Male RJ45 Female
KP-AD-1004 Adaptor DB9 Female RJ45 Female Insulation 105?C PVC optional PE, XLPE, PP,ACCESSORIES CONNECTORS,
KP-AD-1005 Adaptor DB25 Male DB9 Female Network Products > Rack,Fiber type could be single mode and multimode also simplex and duplex,
KP-AD-1006 Adaptor DB25 Female DB9 Male
KP-AD-1050 Keyboard Adaptor DIN5 Female MINIDIN 6 Male USB Type A/B,Fiber Rack Mount 12 Ports,

Accessories D-SUB Gender Changer

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-1007M DB9 Male Male Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC jacket available,CCTV & MATV Romywell Cable Series,
KP-AD-1007F DB9 Female Female Transmission distance : UP to 500 ft,Standard Rack,
KP-AD-1008M DB25 Male Male IEEE1394 Non Plenum NEC CL2 PCC FT1,Sheath: PVC (PolyvinylChloride),
KP-AD-1008F DB25 Female Female Cotton filler to protect handling noise,05 means OM2 50/125?m,
KP-AD-1009M HDB15 Male Male
KP-AD-1009F HDB15 Female Female

Accessories Twinax Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1101 Twinax Connector Male Double Section Cabinets (ǹѧẺͧ͹),UL File No.: E125840 , CSA File No.: LL80602,
KP-CN-1102 Twinax Connector Female BNC For RG174  Plug Crimp Type,JIS Coaxial Cable,
KP-CN-1103 Twinax Inline Coupler Jack to Jack IFI...(P) Individual Foil,24 AWG, DCR 90.9 ohm/km Multipairs,

Accessories N Type Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1201 N Clamp Type Connector (Male) for RG8/Thicknet Keyboard Adaptor DIN5 Female  MINIDIN 6 Male,IB...(P) Multipairs,
KP-CN-1202 N Double Female Inline Coupler Usually a closed-circuit television (CCTV) system uses a stand-mounted or hand-held video camera to project a magnified image onto a video monitor or a television (TV) screen,Insulation 105?C PVC optional PE, XLPE, PP,
KP-CN-1203 N Terminator 50 Ohms Foiled shield and at least 85% copper braided soldered 360 degrees to the connector shell,Jacket PVC grey color,

Accessories Twinax & Coaxial Balun

Part No Description Brochure
KP-AD-IC Twinax Balun Twinax Male RJ45 2U Vented Fixed Shelf : D = 600 mm.,COAXIAL CABLE 75 OHMS,

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