LC Pigtail,RG11/U 95% Shield For CCTV/VDO,
fiber connector type could be FC, SC, ST, LC and MTRJ,Stripper Tools RG 58, 59, 62, 6, 3C,
COAXIAL CABLE 75 OHMS,17 twisted pairs cable with at least 36 turns per metre,
FCS Adaptor Plate 6 Couplers - Singlemode,Fiber Optic Cabling System > Fiber Accessory,
CP – Slot Trunking Trunking 4MM Slot (GREY),USB Type A/B,

Coaxial Cable › Accessories Connectors
UL type CM CSA PCC,JIS Coaxial Cable,

Accessories Connectors

Part No Description Brochure
KP-CN-1000 BNC For 2.5C-2V – Plug Crimp Type Fiber Rack Mount 24 Ports,Cotton filler to protect handling noise,
KP-CN-100F BNC For 2.5C-2V – Jack Satellite Broadcast Receivers Applications,1 Pair x 1.50,
KP-CN-1001 BNC For RG58 – Plug Crimp Type SECURITY / ALARM CABLES,IF...(P) Multipairs,
KP-CN-1002A BNC For 3C-2V – Plug Crimp Type Transmission distance : UP to 500 ft,Jacket: PVC Grey Jacket,
KP-CN-1002F BNC For RG59 & 62 – Jack Security / Alarm Cables > General purpose low voltage circuit wiring,FIBER OPTIC CABLING SYSTEM,
KP-CN-1002N BNC For RG59 – Plug Crimp Type Fiber Assemblies,100% coverage, aluminium polyester foil shield,
KP-CN-1003 BNC I Connector – Jacket to Jack D-SUB Connector,Crimping Tool For RG8, 11, 213 Thicknet,
KP-CN-1004 BNC T Connector IEDC...Series UL 2919 Low cap. Cable,Adaptor DB25 Female – DB9 Male,
KP-CN-1005A BNC Terminator 75 Ohms Application,K.P. Trading Group Company Limited,
KP-CN-1005B BNC Terminator 50 Ohms
KP-CN-1006 BNC Bulkhead Jack to Jack For Rack 19” Fine stranded copper conductor,Anti-ant and mouse destroy PVC jacket available,
KP-CN-1007 BNC For RG8 & 11 – Plug Crimp Type HDB15 M – HDB15 F, RGB 3+4. Cable,DB25 Male – Centronic 36 Male L 10 M.,
KP-CN-1008 BNC For RG6 & 5C-2V – Plug Crimp Type Foiled shield and at least 85% copper braided soldered 360 degrees to the connector shell,19 Inches Wall Mount Bracket Mini Rack,
KP-CN-1008M BNC For RG6 – Plug Twis On (αΊΊ’ΡΉΰ‘ΕΥΒΗ) CF...Series Multicore Overall Foiled,Aramid yarn, PVC or LSZH Jacket. 24-72 fibers,
KP-CN-1008S BNC For RG6 – Plug Crimp Type Industrial Bus Cable 120 Ohms,Interior lines for Monitoring system, CCTV feeder lines,
KP-CN-1009 BNC For RG179 – Plug Crimp Type Cat.6e UTP Patch Cord,Network Cable > Structured Cabling System,
KP-CN-10015 BNC For RG174 – Plug Crimp Type Thicknet Ethernet/ Thin Ethernet,Tinned Copper Braided minimum at 85%,

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